It's A Whole New
Ball Game

We Are Movez

Our vision is to pioneer and lead a brand-new category of fun and entertaining mobile ball games for kids, by merging virtual games
with physical activities

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We’re taking the two elements that every child loves, smartphones and ball games, and for the first time, combining them together to let them play with a real ball in a virtual world. New life is brought to a variety of popular ball games as the player is transported to magical, virtual playgrounds.

With the possibilities endless and the fun limitless, MOVEZ’s patented, advanced technology utilizes the mobile device’s camera, and for the first time, with no physical add-ons required.

It’s a whole new ball game.

MOVEZ is funded by AGT International, Chelsea Football Club and The DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga.


Our Technology

Can a mobile game be amazing fun AND be good for you?

We believe so!

We’re passionate about harnessing the power of advanced technology to encourage fun, physical activity for better living.

Built upon AGT’s unparalleled expertise and benefitting from their computer vision IP (17 patents) and their years of research and development, MOVEZ boasts:

Advanced Augmented Reality to facilitate integration of the virtual and physical worlds.


Sophisticated Machine Learning to deliver an ever-expanding set of new activities.

Real-time Computer Vision to enable accurate measurement of the ball’s location, direction and speed and the player’s body posture and action recognition.


Unlimited Fun

MOVEZ aims to provide kids with what they love: The ability to Play, Compete, Create and Share.

MOVEZ also offers a number of ball sports, with fun and engaging challenges, and encourages competition with objective measurements and player v player modes (PvP).

Games can be recorded and shared on social media too.